I can only imagine whoever was responsible for naming this movie was well versed in irony. If I had paid money for my ticket I would have been angry. As it was, I was just bored. This film has about as much depth as your average coathanger.
I would warn for spoilers, but the only thing that could spoil this movie is actually having to sit through the whole thing.

Groovy Beer Dude leaves White Bitch for Cool Black San Fran Chick. White Bitch is a White Bitch. Groovy Dude is like “Hey, guys, stay groovy” Cool Chick rings the Horror Movie Best Friend Trope which robotically repeats the only phrase it knows: “Chill-Out–It’s-Probably-No-Big-Deal” White Bitch is a Bitch. Cool Chick loses cool. White Bitch now starring in White Bitch 2: This Time With Horses. Something something Facebook hijack something Catfish something something ex-stalker something something inappropriate fucking. Cool Chick uses Best Friend Trope as cop-out plot device to discover that White Bitch is actually a Bona Fide Crazy White Bitch (or is she?). Cool Chick kills a dude (or was it White Bitch??!) Groovy Beer Dude stays groovy throughout. We play Pin The Crazy On The Bitches for 45 minutes. It’s a battle between Had A Stalker and Is Rich And Repressed – who will win?

Who even cares. 0/5

CN: victim blaming, shaming of eating disorders, jumpscares (2), sex, hate sex, hyper-controlling parental behaviour, knives, alcohol use (mild), nudity (seconds long), masturbation (implied), Violence Against Women, physical fight, blood,


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